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Facilities Information
Distribution Center
Production Shoowroom
Healh Care Center

A Football-Field-Size Distribution Center

It’s huge – about 200,000 square feet of warehouse space, with six loading docks. We use the space for storage and for receiving and distributing thousands of products. These products come from hundreds of quality suppliers from around the world. In addition, we use the space to manufacture and store several product lines.
  picture of the distribution center   picture of the distribution center    
Products Showrooms

ICM showrooms display many top-selling items from our vast array of product catalogs. We feature a showroom dedicated to Direct Advantage, where we showcase hundreds of supplies – from pens and markers to dictionaries and study aids. The Direct Advantage showroom also includes desks, lockers, tables, chairs, and much more. Our Postal Product showroom features our line of mailboxes, along with supplies and equipment that the Postal Service uses on a daily basis. It showcases bag racks, sorting bins, stamps, matting, slatwall, promotional items, etc. Finally our United Visual showroom includes bulletin boards, letterboards, dry erase boards, sign pedestal, readerboards, and many other visual communication and crowd control products.
  picture of product showroom picture of product showroom
Our New Health Center

ICM employees can work on their conditioning right in our plant. Our new Health and Recreation Center is a popular destination at lunch time and after work. It contrains an array of exercise machines, including treadmills, stationary bicycles, cross-country ski and rowing machines, a leg-lift bench, and weight-lifting apparatus. We also offer such game opportunities as table tennis, pool, darts, air hockey, and foosball.
picture of the new health center picture of the new health center  

Your One Stop Shopping Resource

We market, manufacture and distribute thousands of institutional, commercial, consumer and government products through color catalogs and easy-to-use secure retail websites. ICM takes pride in our high-quality products and longstanding reputation as a low-price leader.