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ICM History

International Commerce & Marketing Corporation, better known as ICM, is a rapidly growing catalog/internet marketing and manufacturing company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with an affiliate office in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 1988, we began producing mail order catalogs using the company name of Delivery Concepts International (DCI). Three years later, Postal Products Unlimited, Inc. - a DCI subsidiary - started a mail-related equipment, supply and promotional products catalog tailored for the United States Postal Service. Meanwhile, the Mail Center Catalog - DCI's second catalog venture - addressed the mail-product needs of private sector mail centers. Both catalogs were well received and a pattern of growth was established.

While early marketing efforts produced substantial product demand, DCI went a step further by establishing relentless customer service and hard work as its formula for success. The reward has been longevity and steady growth.

In addition to supplying unique and quality products from reputable manufacturers, DCI further nurtured customer relations by launching its own full-service manufacturing division. This division was created to fulfill hard-to-find custom orders while lowering customer cost.

Currently, the manufacturing division produces many proprietary products including residential and commercial mailboxes, mail sorting equipment, custom pre-inked stamps, visual communication boards, and mail strapping. We also feature a full-service, in-house sign shop and an acrylic-fabricating department.

In 1997, DCI adopted the name of ICM Corporation, which better reflects the evolution of our business. ICM currently has a steadily growing staff of 115 employees serving numerous full-color catalogs and a multitude of web pages.

For three straight years - 1997, '98 and '99, Postal Products Unlimited, Inc. earned the "Future 50 Award from the Milwaukee Council of Small Business Executives. The award cited ICM's "outstanding contribution to metropolitan Milwaukee through its growing sales and employment."

ICM began its diversification in the mid-1990s with the launching of a division named Direct Advantage.  DA offers a wide variety of products to schools, churches, institutions, day care facilities, and recreational markets.

A year later, ICM began distributing products from United Visual Products Inc. UVP is a separate company that produces visual communication boards and signs for churches, schools, businesses, institutions, and the hospitality industries.

Finally, in 2004 Postal Products received a Uniform Vendor License from the U.S. Postal Service.  Postal Products now offers a full line of USPS Approved Uniforms that postal employees can purchase using their Uniform Purchase Allowance Card.

International Commerce & Marketing Corporation is committed to serving our customers with distinction. We achieve customer satisfaction through innovative manufacturing and marketing of quality, affordable products by using full-color catalogs and the Internet. We’ve dedicated ourselves to building trusting relationships with customers, manufacturers and dealers, as well as our employees. We take pride in our longstanding reputation as a caring, motivated company.

Our Vision for the Future

Ever since the company was founded, our goals have been constant:
  • To provide first-rate service for existing and new customers
  • To develop niche markets
  • To strive for continued growth

We're never satisfied with the status quo. This is a dynamic company that takes pride in learning from customers and suppliers, and tapping into new technology. we're always searching for ways to improve. We're dedicated to preserving our hard-won reputation.

Your One Stop Shopping Resource

We market, manufacture and distribute thousands of institutional, commercial, consumer and government products through color catalogs and easy-to-use secure retail websites. ICM takes pride in our high-quality products and longstanding reputation as a low-price leader.